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Swachch Bharat Abhiyan is one of the most famous and noteworthy steps by the government. Thanks to the campaign, we have come a long way in dealing with waste and many changes have been brought to make many Indian regions cleaner and greener. But in spite of our best efforts several parts of our country especially rural India, we see management of waste is still poor as many villagers don’t know the meaning of ideal waste management and its short and long-term benefits.

Yes, it is a sad reality that in many backward and rural areas, we keep seeing trash being thrown in any away and the impact of improper waste management is not just disgusting view but has catastrophic effects on all living organisms including humans.

Burning or piling of waste is highly toxic not only for human health but also contaminates soil and groundwater which in turn contaminates our entire food chain. The waste contains plastics, electronics, sharp metals, etc. and millions of seabirds and animals such as cows, elephants, dogs and deer among others look for food in dumping sites and they end up ingesting plastic, other toxic material which causes deaths and sharp material causes injury in mouths, legs, etc.

Eye-opening example

One of the founders of NEEDBOX Foundation saw an innocent and starving animal eating a sanitary pad out of a heap of garbage. Imagine just like this one incident there are many such innocent animals unknowingly eat up garbage especially plastic waste and die.

First step by NEEDBOX Foundation

So what to do now, how to mobilize villagers to incorporate proper waste management system? After contemplating over the same, NEEDBOX Foundation joined hands with VAVO Revolution. VAVO Revolution’s Initiative had successfully implemented plastic collection system with the help of Recycle.GREEN and also successfully empowered women by creating employment opportunities in Ambapur, Gujarat. To further expand their work towards converting village into Zero Waste, VAVO Revolution with NEEDBOX Foundation came up with a project called “BlueGREEN Initiative” which is a small but vital step towards sustainable living by designing, building & implementing sustainable and decentralized waste management system and recycling solutions for villages.

About the project

The very first project of the sustainable initiative has been started in Ambapur village which is located 10 km from Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

What we do?
  • We are spreading awareness on the importance of Waste Management System and Recycling.
  • We are imparting IEC i.e. Information, Education and Communication of Waste Management Mechanism.
  • We are developing a Door-to-Door Waste Collection System.
  • We are designing Segregation at Source Mechanism.
  • We are building Composting Plants.

How can you help?

As we mentioned earlier, for us no contribution is big or small, if you wish to donate for this project- Click here. Wish to lend a support or volunteer for this cause in any way, call on 8369303077 or email us at

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