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Strays that are either born on the streets or abandoned by people are easily prone to accidents, injuries and illnesses. It is heart-wrenching to see how many helpless stray animals starve and suffer on the roads. They end up eating trash and food scraps as they are readily available and these strays often become victims themselves or suffer abuse by humans. The sad part is they usually die horrific deaths as many do not get any help on time.

We envision a world where animals especially strays do not have to suffer and where humans treat them with love, respect and dignity. We know that we have to go a long way to achieve our goal but we know it is not impossible. And that’s why we have joined hands with Bhumi Jeevdaya Trust - an animal welfare center to take a small but vital step to bring our vision into reality. NEEDBOX Foundation and Bhumi Jeevdaya Trust are working empathetically to rehabilitate and foster rescued animals. The idea of the project is to provide ideal food, shelter and care for strays.

About Bhumi Jeevdaya Trust - Mumbai

Bhumi is an animal rescue and welfare center and they are responsible for a range of projects including rescue and treatment for injured, old and juvenile animals. The NGO aims at providing the best animal well-being and actively encouraging the community to provide a helping hand for the care of the animals.

We need your support

We need your support to continue to provide attention to needy animals. So we request you all to come forward and support us by sponsoring, donating unused old items, volunteering and sharing our post.

Wish to lend a support or volunteer for this cause in any way, call on 8369303077 or email us at

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