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If you are thinking eradication of water scarcity is a herculean task and next to possible then you are wrong as Mansukhbhai Suvagiya is one of the few who not just believed but also accomplished this mission by wiping off water issues in several Indian villages. Let us tell you more about him. Mansukhbhai is the man who gave the foundational program of building check dams and lakes in villages of Gujarat so that villagers can effectively focus on agriculture and also to improve water availability in the hamlets. He was the one who used to hold public meetings to create awareness about water harvesting and creating water reserves and village bodies.

He helped villagers to select appropriate places for check dams and lakes. He also developed community fund and self help programs in order to build dams and water reservoirs. His program soon turned into a water revolution. Post implementation of the program, water scarcity in many places got eradicated as underground water table improved, dried rivulets came back to life after many years, villagers saw an increase of 40 to 100% in irrigation. Agricultural produce, rural employment and fodder production doubled.

He and his team led the development not one or two but 3000 check dam lakes in about 300 villages. He spent 12 years of his youth in this implementation of such programs in around 2000 villages of the country. After working solo for many years, Mansukhbhai founded an NGO named Jalkranti and the same is active since last five years.

And now NEEDBOX Foundation is also participating in this revolution by joining hands with Jalkranti to aid more developments of check dams and water bodies in more villages in Gujarat and other parts of India.

Want to volunteer, donate or help the social program in any way? Click here to contact us on 8369303077 or email us at info@needbox.org

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